Local Event Marketing For Small Businesses

Using an event, whether in-store or online, can be the best way for a local business of marketing to your current and potential customers. Having the opportunity to create a captive audience of interested leads should be the goal of every business. Of course, there are a numerous ways to do this, but local event marketing achieves this goal.

Author: +Thaddaeus Hubbard


Using Strategic Local Marketing To Increase Sales


Whether a company is operating in good or difficult economic times they must market strategically. That means that there must be an overall goal as well as a core methodology for the company to follow.

Author: +Thaddaeus Hubbard

How Local Buyers Make Decisions


Local buyers behave in some pretty predictable ways. These buyers have a specific need that they’re trying to fulfill and go to the Internet to take care of it.

Author: +Thaddaeus Hubbard